The most important values for PROGREEN are HUMAN BEING and ENVIRONMENT. He therefore presents these values in all his relations with his Customers, Suppliers and Employees – expects the same from them.

Solidarity to Ethic Values and Respect to the Ecological Balance

Respecting the National and International laws and ethical principles we hold our relationship to employees, customers, shareholders and other business partners in a transparent and sincere way. We know that our resources are important for the sustainability and therefore take care that our Operation comply with the internationally accredited Ecologic Standards.

Customer Loyalty

In order to strengthen the loyalty of our clients PROGREEN always renews and updates himself, so that the clients can benefit from this and reach their Economic Targets much faster.

Always and Every time Confidentiality

Creating confidence to Customers, Employees and other business partners in implementing know how and company values in realising given Commitments in the promised Time.

Always Solution Oriented

We know that each solutions further step is to experience the presentation of this to the client. Problems and Faults do not lead to tensions but are used for them to learn from their faults and to make progress so that a sustainable solution can be developed and applied for the Future.

Responsibility and Perfectionism

To overcome the keen Competition is only possible in sensitizing to the customers’ needs and felling quick and correct decisions. With responsible specialists for their Tasks PROGREEN gives initiative for those who operate close to perfectionism.

Permanent Renewal

PROGREEN supports and rewards the suggestion of new and ingenious ideas, adoption to changes, rising the customers, suppliers and Team Members satisfaction.

Creating new Values

PROGREENs Basis of existence is to create values for the Company, the employees and for all other Parties. Therefore we appreciate individuals who are ready to create new values and take initiative to realise them.

Ligation to our Team

We know that in our sector the Difference for competition is to have strong and talented team Members. To gain the most talented employees and to progress the available team members we are ready to make all necessary investments in Technology and other means, so that they can improve their Talents. Success is rewarded so that they can feel the worth. In this way we built up a moral relationship with our Team.

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